Scarborough Scribblers
Authors of Impromptu and Library Reflections | Writing at the Gravel Bar since 2014

Published Books

Impromptu (2017)

Impromptu is our second anthology.

Join the Scarborough Scribblers as they race against time to bring you fifteen of their best impromptu short stories and poems, all inspired by writing prompts and written against the clock in the famous Gravel Bar.

When you take away time and add pressure, anything can happen: an arachnid space-disaster, a streetcar adventure, lessons in overlord succession, an equine meteorological fantasy, tales of love and espionage, and more.

You can purchase a paperback copy of Impromptu on Amazon.

You can also download a free eBook on Kobo or on Smashwords.

Library Reflections (2016)

Library Reflections is our first anthology.

Let us take you on a series of library adventures... from home to space, from a senior sandwich snatcher to an imaginative job applicant, from a library ghost buster to a humorous book club misadventure, from a teen vampire fantasy to a historical romance, from a library on Mars to an archive in space, from a personal reflection to a tour of the library.

Don't miss your chance to annoy your favourite librarians with loud guffaws and horrified screams. They'll just smile and show you their copies of Library Reflections

You can download a free eBook copy of Library Reflections on Kobo and on Smashwords.

If you're interested in a paperback copy, please speak directly to one of the authors.