Scarborough Scribblers
Authors of Impromptu and Library Reflections | Writing at the Gravel Bar since 2014

About the Authors

The Gravel Bar is home to the Scarborough Scribblers, a writers group that meets at Albert Campbell Branch of the Toronto Public Library. The group started out in late 2014, with just 3 members. They were a group of strangers sitting quietly around a meeting room table, taking turns sharing writing and offering critique.

Over time, membership grew and the strangers became a writing family. Soon, the meeting room morphed into the gravel bar. Meetings became loud and boisterous events filled with laughter. The writers found power in their unique creative voices and became the Scarborough Scribblers.

In 2016, they published their first anthology, Library Reflections. In 2017, they published their second anthology, Impromptu. Which brings us here, today.

Current Members:

Past Members